Wednesday, March 11, 2009

islands of adventure

Last week was my birthday. So, to celebrate, I planned a trip to see Adam in Tampa. Little did I know he had an entire fun-filled weekend planned for the two of us! It began like this...
1. Picking me up from airport
2. Getting car stuck in the sand during a failed attempt at romance....
3. Failed attempt saved by surprise (surprise for him as well) fireworks show over the bay!
4. Dinner at great Italian restaurant
5.Strawberry short-birthday-cake...yum!

The next day, we headed to Orlando to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure....and had a BLAST! We rode every roller coaster there was to ride...multiple times. Stood in line for 40 minutes to participate in the cheesiest attempt at a scary show ever. Used our expired "Express Line Passes" to sneak through the fast lane in Universal Studios and almost got busted. And ended the day in a photo booth (which I had been searching for the entire time!) Overall, it was a really great day and we were both exhausted. Our exhaustion was cured however, by relaxing at the beach and dinner at great beachside restaurant the following day.

(Thank you for an awesome birthday!!!)


Ally said...

How sweet! Sounded like a weekend full of fun. I love the last picture of you both. See you in a month.

Horace said...

next time....I get to go too!!!! I love rides.....ok, can be on another day other than your the day after or before...yea!!!!!!!!!!

Libby Pratt said...

yall suck