Saturday, July 25, 2009

say cheese!

Since I was off of work yesterday and Ellie's babysitter was out of town, I was nominated as babysitter for the day........and we all know what that means...PhotoShoot!!! Poor Ellie, she doesn't even see it coming. One minute it's all "Oooh, let's go outside Ellie!" and "Hey sweet girl, you wanna sit in your little chair?!" And then, out of nowhere, its click click click! Picture time! Ha! One day I know she'll look back at all of the photos of herself (much like me and her mom do often) and love that I was camera-obsessed, but right now I'm just a nuisance, a super-fun nuisance, but a nuisance all the same!


Libby Pratt said...

Her lips are so red, it looks like she's wearing lipstick!!!!

Emma said...

OH that?! That's just from the strawberry popsicle I fed her after you left...she LOVED IT!!! ;)